Insights from Ayurveda on the Overuse of Gadgets

We are living in an era where most of what we need is available at our fingertips, be it information, products, or most of the many things we need to make our lives comfortable. Gadgets like the computer, tablets, smart phones and so on make this possible for us. The recent COVID pandemic defined this shift in such a way that it has become the new norm of life and living, both on the personal and professional front.

Understanding the Ayurvedic Perspective

From the point of view of Ayurveda, overuse of gadgets affects our well-being. This is termed, ‘Asatmya indriyartha samyoga‘ – not conducive union of sense organs and their objects. Over use of our sense organs with their objects of contact creates imbalance of the functional energies of our bodies termed ‘dosha‘.

Symptoms of Overusing Gadgets: Imbalances and Doshas

For many of us in the corporate world, stiffness of the neck and spine, radiating pain down the arms and legs, muscular fatigue and pain, poor digestion, disturbance in sleep patterns or sleeplessness, low energy levels, high levels of stress, may be due to ‘Asatmya indriyartha samyoga’.

Ayurvedic Solutions for Restoring Balance

Traditional Ayurvedic detoxification and destress therapies at regular intervals bring great relief by balancing the doshas. Conscious moderation in activities of the senses, a supportive diet and Ayurvedic internal medications will help in maintaining the balance in the long term, helping us lead fairly healthy lives while still engaged with our busy and engaging schedules.

ArogyaM: Your Guide to Ayurveda

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Embracing the principles of Ayurveda and making mindful choices regarding our gadget usage can empower us to lead more balanced and fulfilling lives. Prioritising our well-being amidst the convenience of modern technology is not only essential but also achievable, with Ayurveda as our guiding light.

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