Register for Guru Purnima 2024 Celebrations with Sri M

  • Date :

    21 July 2024

  • Time :

    8.00 am onwards

  • Venue :


Guru Purnima 2024 Celebrations with Sri M

Due to space constraints, we are unable to accommodate any more participants for Guru Purnima. We have already far exceeded the number of participants who can be accommodated in the available area. Our infrastructure is also stretched and hence we are forced to close the registrations for the event. We request you all to kindly understand our predicament and bear with us.

Those who are unable to get a slot are requested to watch the programme online in our live telecast. We request you to refrain from arriving at the ashram during Guru Purnima without a confirmed registration. We will not be in a position to accommodate additional persons. We request your cooperation on this.

Thank you

Guru Purnima falls on Sunday, 21st July 2024.

All are welcome to be in the gracious presence of Sri M.

Venue: The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle (Google Map Link)


The tentative duration of the celebrations will be from the morning [11.00 AM , IST] of Sunday, 21st July, to the morning [08.00 AM, IST] of Monday, 22nd July. The main programme will be concluded by the night of 21st July. There will be a group meditation followed by breakfast in the morning of 22nd July.

Participation Options

Participation is open under two options – A and B.

Option A [without accommodation] : Rs. 1750/- per person, includes vegetarian food comprising of lunch, snacks with tea [evening] & dinner on 21st July and morning tea & breakfast on 22nd July. Participants under this option will have to make their own arrangements for stay. A suggestive list of hotel accommodations in Madanapalle is provided at the end of this communication.

Option B [with accommodation] : Rs. 2000/- per person, includes everything under Option A above and dormitory accommodation [classrooms converted into dorms] at the venue on 21st July- one night only. Participation fee covers not only the food, but also all the infrastructure arrangements required for the Gurupurnima celebrations.


  • Registration under one of the above options is mandatory.
  • In case you want your driver to be served food at the venue, kindly register him under Option A. Option B is not available for drivers due to limited availability of dorms.

About the accommodation at the Venue

  • Dormitory accommodation is provided in The Satsang Vidyalaya classrooms.
  • Due to space constraints, only limited persons can be accommodated at the dormitories and hence bookings for option B will be on a first-come-first-booked basis. If we are unable to accommodate you under option B, we will intimate the same and you will be given the opportunity to get registered under option A.
  • Accommodation at the venue opens only on the morning of 21st July (09.00 a.m) and is valid up to the morning of 22nd July morning (10.00 a.m)-one night only.
  • One mattress and two bed sheets per participant will be provided
  • Common toilets/baths will be provided separately for women and men
  • Drinking water will be provided in the dorm area.
  • You are suggested to bring a pillow, mosquito repellent, torchlight, and umbrella.
  • We regret our inability to entertain requests for extension of stay and early arrival at dorms.


  • A Unique Identification number (UID) is required for everyone between age 13 and 70 , to register for any event of The Satsang Foundation.
  • Members with existing unique TSF ID can register by logging in to their account here.
  • Individual profiles on the TSF web app need to be completed before registering for the event.
  • New members can click here to generate their unique TSF ID first and then register for the event.
  • If you would like to register a family member or a friend along with you, it can be done only if you have their unique TSF UID/registered email. Create their unique ID before registration begins and keep it handy with you.
  • All members in a particular booking can choose the same participation option only.
  • Only registered & confirmed participants will be allowed to participate in the event.
  • NO spot registrations will be permitted.
  • Registration slots are non-transferable, and the participation fee is non-refundable.
  • You will receive a response on your registration status, within fifteen days of submission of your registration form. We request that you kindly await our confirmation and avoid contacting us before those fifteen days in connection with your registration status.
  • Please click here for registration related FAQ.

For more Information

Further information about Guru Purnima celebrations will be communicated to confirmed participants.
Please feel free to contact for any assistance at

You may contact only if necessary :

Mahesh T. Ramadass + 91 81241 00000 [10.00 a.m to 06.00 p.m].

Girish Kumar + 91 83339 81303 + 91 98461 55359 [09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. ]
Kumar Gaurav + 91 83339 81301 + 91 97179 25800 [06.00 p.m to 10.00 p.m.]

In case your call is not attended, kindly leave a WhatsApp message with your query and we will connect back with you at the earliest

Hotels in Madanapalle

The following information on Hotels/Lodges is only suggestive in nature and the organizers or The Satsang Foundation do not assure or ratify the facilities and standards of the hotels/lodging establishments. The decision to stay in any hotel/lodge is entirely that of the participant.

Sree Krishna Residency
Opp to Canara bank, Patel road, Madanapalle
(08571)-224722, 220055, 098492 23535,089852 23535
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700 + tax
Double bed Non: A/C: Rs. 1100 + tax
Family suit A/C: Rs.2000 +tax
Extra bed : Not available

Tripura Sundari Residency
CTM road, 14-2-3.A, Madanapalle, (Beside Andhra bank)
08571- 227006, 70135 46122
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2200 + tax
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 1500 + tax
Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 1000+ tax
Extra bed: Rs. 150

S V Residence
Patel Road, [opp to Canara Bank], Madanapalle.
[08571] 220304. 09441264499, 9441864499.
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1000
Family suit A/C: Rs. 1800
Extra bed: Rs. 200

Hotel Desai
Near RTC Bus Stand, Madanapalle.
[08571] -225198.
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600+ tax
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1000+tax
Extra bed: Not available

VSR Grand
Near RTC Bus Stand, CTM Road, Madanapalle.
E-mail :
Single bed non A/c Standard : Rs.3000
Double bed A/C: Rs. 5200
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 3500
Triple bed room A/C: Rs.5000 (Premier Suite)
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2500 (2 Person 2500, Rs.4000 for 4 Person)
Family suit A/C: Rs.6000 (4 Person, Royal Suite)
Royal suite A/C: Rs.6500 (4 Person, Royal Club Suite)

Chaitanya Residency
14-64, CTM Road, Madanapalle
08571-220199, 224800.
Double bed A/C: Rs: 1600 + Tax
Double bed non A/C : Rs: 1100+ Tax
Extra bed: Not available

N V Grand
NTR Circle, Kadri Road, Madanapalle.
97002 76666 e-mail:
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1800
Double bed non A/C: Rs.1400
Deluxe room A/C: 3 bed Rs.2500
Deluxe non A/C: 3 bed Rs. 2200
Royal suite A/C: 4 bed Rs.3500
Extra bed: not available

Hotel Ganesh
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
08571- 356335
Single bed non A/C: Rs.500
Double bed non A/C: Rs.900
Triple bed room A/C: Rs.1800
Four bed non A/C: Rs. 1600
Extra bed: not available.

Hotel Roja Deluxe
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
08571- 220643, 228295.
Double bed A/C: Rs.1500
Double bed non A/C: Rs .900
Extra bed: Rs.100.

Sri Sreenivasa Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle
08571- 228022, 228023, 88866 76673
Single bed non A/c: Rs.1000
Double bed A/c: Rs.2000
Double bed non A/C: Rs: Rs.1600
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2600
Extra bed: Rs. 500

Sri Narasimha Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1500.00
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1200
Extra bed: not available

Prakash Lodge
C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand,Madanapalle
08571- 223089
Single bed non A/c: Rs. 500
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 750
Triple bed Non A/C Rs. 1000
Extra bed: not available.

MVR Residency
Old National Highway, RRN Colony, Madanapalle
08571 222636, 96522 02067
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 900
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 2300
Deluxe room A/C : Rs. 2500
VIP A/C rooms : Rs. 2500
Extra bed: not available.

Sri Vijaya Lodge A/C
CTM Road, Madanapalle
08571 226005
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 1800
Double Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 950
Triple deluxe non A/C Rs: 1700
Extra bed: Rs 200

GK Grand Residency
2-214, Patel Road, Gopi Krishna Towers, above City Union bank, Madanapalle.
74168 48079, 73863 88872 e mail:
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1600
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 1000
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 1700 (3 members)
Extra bed: Rs.200

Raj Bhavan A/c Lodge
Besant Road, Madanapalle
94401 25045
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1500
Double bed non A/C: Rs.1000
Triple bed room A/C: Rs. 1800
Triple bed Non A/C Rs. 1300
Four bed non A/C: Rs. 2500
Extra bed: not available.

JNR Grand
Near Reliance Trendz, Gollapalli cross, Madanapalle
94944 24288
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2000
Family suit A/C: Rs. 3500
Executive Suite A/C: Rs. 2500,
Deluxe Suite A/C: Rs. 3000
Extra bed: Rs. 500

Zam Zam Residency
Opp Axis bank, C.T.M road, upstairs of Fincrop bank, Madanapalle
83400 48999, 83400 58999
Double bed A/C: Rs. 1700
Double bed non A/C: Rs. 900
Triple bed A/C: Rs. 2500
Triple non A/C Rs. 1900
Deluxe room A/C: Rs. 2000
Deluxe non A/C: Rs. 1500
Family Suite A/C: Rs.2800
Family Suite non A/C: Rs.2200
Extra bed: not available.

All Season Residency
Opp M Grand, near Reliance Trendz
76888 22268, 98493 70323. Email –
Double bed A/C: Rs. 2300
Double bed non A/C:Rs. 2100
Family suite A/C: Rs. 3800
Extra bed: not available.

The above prices may vary at the time of booking due to seasonal demand. You are requested to verify/ascertain the tariff & taxes while making your reservations/bookings.

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.