MyTree projects contribute to greening efforts across the country


The act of planting a tree and taking care of its growth establishes an inner connection with nature. Understanding this inner connection results in our personal growth.

 – Sri M

The saplings planted by Sri M on the premises of the Madanapalle Ashram, The Satsang Vidyalaya, and the Satsang Rural School on the occasion of Guru Purnima in 2016 marked the formal launch of the MyTree initiative under the aegis of The Satsang Foundation (TSF) to help restore the green cover across the country in the spirit of Maitri – loving, sustainable co-existence with Mother Nature.

Over the past seven years, the number of saplings planted during each  plantation drive undertaken by the TSF centres and kendras has grown steadily to over 68,000 currently. The verdant Madanapalle Ashram itself harbors more than 160 trees, creating a tranquil space for spiritual seekers, guests, and visitors alike. Besides the plantation done directly under the MyTree initiative, the volunteers also regularly participate in large plantation drives carried out by government organizations.

At The Sacred Grove, Chowdepalle, a plantation drive by Team MyTree Bengaluru in May 2023 has helped extend its therapeutic ambiance with 445 saplings of over 50 native tree species. The team members also celebrated Teacher’s Day on 5 September 2023 with the students, teachers, and Indian Oil Corporation Limited volunteers at The Peepal Grove School (TPGS) to create a dense forest of 6,000 saplings in half an acre of land, reviving images and vibrations of the ancient forest academies or gurukulas.

Students of other schools across the country: Victory Memorial Blind School, Chennai; Government School for the Visually Challenged at Poochiyur, Coimbatore; the Sant Gadge Maharaj Schools, Virar; the Adivasi Ashram Shala, Matheran; the Bal Bharti Schools, Delhi under the Adopt a Tree project; the Government School at Chandigarh; and the Government Model School in Velimela, Hyderabad have been empowered to be responsible eco-citizens.

National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers at the BJR Government College, Hyderabad; students of Fergusson College, Pune; university students at the Maritime University, Chennai and the Bangalore University; and scholars at the Thantra Vidyapeedam, Ernakulam have also joined the ranks of their younger contemporaries as green ambassadors.

Besides, the Each One, Plant Two movement has ensured the participation of families and local communities in the planting and monitoring of over 2000 saplings at homes and neighborhoods since its launch in 2021.

While individual contributors from MyTree Mumbai Kendra have grown saplings at their own homes and offered them during the team’s greening efforts of rural and urban spaces, the team members have joined hands with Hirva Swapna, an e-NGO, to work with defence personnel at the Kendriya Vidyalaya, Thane and Air Force Station, Madh Island to create a local ecosystem bustling with birds, bees, and butterflies. The team has also helped provide a serene sanctuary for senior citizens at the Rajput Old Age Home, Wada.

Team MyTree Pune has worked with the rural communities at Loy and Pimpod Gram Panchayats, Nandurbar District to create man-made devrais or sacred groves; and at Pimple Jagtap Village to help sustain the regional ecosystem. Mini plantation drives at sacred spots such as the Dattatreya Temple at Dehu Road have also ensured the commitment of the local communities in the care and growth of the saplings.

At Villivakkam, Team MyTree Chennai has transformed a disused urban space into a fragrant flower forest, uniting the local community. 

At the national level, MyTree Delhi Kendra volunteers worked together with the Delhi Forest Department officials and volunteers from a host of NGOs in an epic plantation drive to plant 5.5 million saplings on 22 July 2023 at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in the Aravalli Range, Tughlakabad.

Saplings of native species such as gular, jamun, kachnar, peepal, shahatoot, sheesham, gulmohar, karanj, banyan, booruga, shivni; fruit trees such as  mango, lemon, papaya, jamun, custard apple, guava, pomegranate, amla, jackfruit, sapodilla; medicinal trees such as mimusops elengi, amala, curry, neem, moringa, amaltas; resourceful trees such as ashoka, sita ashoka, coconut; and perennial shrubs and bushes have taken root during the plantation drives through the years. Drip-irrigation systems have ensured ample water supply to support these saplings even in the remote rural areas.

As the eco-warriors of the MyTree teams continue to sustain their journey of maintaining and nurturing their existing projects and exploring greener pastures, they would like to express their appreciation to their dedicated green partners: Hirva Swapna, ExNoRa International, AGS Health, Omron,  Entrata India, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, and other stake-holders for their constant support.

Winding back to the Madanapalle Ashram, a beautiful batch of saplings have made their home at the campus in July 2023 forming a protective ring around the Swaasthya Hospital, providing a soothing atmosphere for patients during their recuperation.

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