Sri M said…

Sri-M-5So, how do I know I am making progress in meditation? First, I am able to sit down quietly even if it is for a short period, with my mind settled peacefully, without distraction, fixing my attention on own inner self. The moment I sit down to meditate, I am able to cut off all the world’s disturbances and go deep within, quiet and calm. I am now able to deal with serious problems of life without getting upset or confused or without fearing what is the solution or without the fear that I might not succeed in handling the problem. I am now in tune with the whole of nature – with the rain, with the wind, with the clouds, with the earth. I can no longer hate. My mind is peaceful. In short, I am a better person now, than I was before I started meditation. If this is happening, then you are making progress. And, as one proceeds deeper and deeper into one’s practice, one also begins to be in tune and open up to dimensions, which are usually unknown to the ordinary mind.

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