Sri M said…

Consider that I am in such a cave, doing Sadhana for last 10 yrs. As a result, I will feel that I have changed in some way. I will feel that I won’t get angry any longer, as a result of having overcome such feelings. I may also feel that I don’t have any envy. Now, the question is, of whom do I feel envy in a cave? Why will I get angry in a cave? Who is there for me to be angry at? The real test is after 10 years: when I enter a bus and someone steps on my feet accidentally. I will then know the true status of my control over anger. Similarly, where has my envy reached? When someone comes to our presence wearing a gold watch, only then will we know. The actual testing ground is our external world. If we can live here practicing what we have learnt, we can say we have matured after our Sadhana.

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