Sri M said…

There is an ancient sloka which is chanted before starting various activities. Sahanavavatu – we have chanted it many times, it is interesting to learning meaning of it – sahanaubhunattu sahaviryam karavavivahe. Tejas vinavaditam astu, maa vidveshavahai. Which means, both the teacher and the one who is listening – are as important. May both of us be protected. May both of us be nourished. May both our vitalities increase. May our ‘tejas’ – the fire of understanding – increase. Then the last sentence is very very important. Let us not fight among each other. Let us not quarrel with each other. Because we are not trying to argue or prove our point. What we are trying to do is sit together and try to understand a problem. Which are two different things. That is a dialog.

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