A Mindfulness Retreat at the Riverview Retreat Center, Panchgani

Connecting with Self and Nature …a mindfulness retreat

✴ A weekend amid the tranquil and majestic Sahyadris, with spectacular views of the Krishna valley
✴ Connect with your body and breath through yoga sessions
✴ Guided nature walks
✴ Satvik food

When – 5 p.m Fri 30 Mar – 5 p.m Sun 1 Apr 2018

Where – Riverview Retreat, 26/8 Taighat Wadi Panchgani

Cost – Rs 9600 per head

Contact -9823271502 / 9561980300 / 9822044445

Accomodation -Rooms / Tents based on availability

About the facilitators

Tejinder Walia is a psychologist by training and a teacher by profession. After years of research, counselling and teaching, she seeks a way of living that authenticates one’s deepest aspirations. She shares this through holding experiential camps and workshops for all age groups and by evolving spaces to share with other aspirants. Her ability to tell stories to convey the ancient wisdom is riveting for participants of all ages.

Ashlesha Shintre is an electronics engineer turned Dhrupad musician and Yoga therapist in the tradition of Sri T Krishnamacharya. She endeavours to create practices that make the principles from the Yoga Sutra easily accessible. It is rare to meet a person whose practice of Yoga connects with the deeper nuances of the eight fold path. Even rarer is to interact with one equally passionate about music.

Sharmila Deo, an environmentalist, is associated with reputed organisations like Kalpavriksh and Parisar. She is passionate about engaging people with environment related concerns. Her study of Buddhism and putting it in to practice promises a rare but much required combination of activism and spirituality. So in an interaction with her one gains authentic information embedded in love and concern.

The Program

Day / Time Activity Day / Time Activity
Friday evening Arrival, settling in, introductions etc. Session with Tejinder: Mahabaleshwar a different perspective
Saturday 0530 Wake Up Sunday


Wake up
0600 – 0615 Tea 530 Leave for Table land
0630 – 0800 Yoga 0600 – 0800 Chanting with the sunrise and yoga
0800 -0820 Fruits / milk etc 0800 – 0900 Breatkfast and bath
0820 -0920 Walking Meditation (in silence) 0930 – 1030 Treasure Hunt
0920 – 1020 Breakfast and bath 1030 – 1200 Reflection on the Upanishads and discussion
1030 – 1200 reflection on the Upanishad 1200 – 1500 Lunch in silence and free time
1200 – 1230 Game 1500 – 1530 Pranayama
1230 – 1500 Mindful lunch (in silence) and free time 1530 – 1615 reflective activity with music / poetry and sharing
1500 – 1530 Pranayama 1615 – 1645 Tea and snacks
1530 – 1600 Snacks and Tea 1645 – 1700 Wrap up
1600 – 1620 Chanting
1630 – 1730 Reflective exercises and sharing
1730 – 1900 Short walk and activity with local artisans
1930 – 2015 Dinner
2015 – 2115 Review
2115 Good Night!


About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.