Fun learning at Riverview Retreat

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The children from Class IX from the Peepal Grove School visited Pune and camped at Riverview Retreat, Panchgani, from 14th through the 18th of October 2015 as part of their educative and recreational camp.

The schedule was carefully designed to ensure that the children enjoyed their stay while learning from the field. Thus, spaces in close proximity to nature were selected, where students lived with teachers and resource persons, interested in sharing and nurturing the enquiring minds. Through various activities, care was taken to see that the mind is ready to receive, reflect and assimilate.

There were nature walks following the course of River Krishna, trekking down more than 3000 ft from its source in Mahabaleswar to the Balkawdi Dam. The young campers witnessed sunrise in meditative silence from a Plateau at the height of 4500 ft, followed by outdoor games and visit to the caves claiming association with the Pandavas. They returned to the present times to be inspired by the crafts and social entrepreneurial skills of a blind man, who has empowered more than 85 fellow beings to defy the limitations of being visually challenged. They interacted with craftsmen from the tribal communities and learnt of their traditional crafts.

Till the last minute they were engaged in writing haiku, learning one-stroke painting and splashing colourful patterns on the chart papers. The days started with exercises in awareness, observation, Yogasanas, Pranayam and ended with sitting around campfire.

The five days in Panchgani were spent under the caring attention of the 3 accompanying teachers and 9 resource persons.


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