Registrations Closed | Celebrate Guru Purnima with Sri M

Registrations are CLOSED for this Event

Join Sri M for Guru Purnima Celebrations on 3rd July 2023 at Madanapalle, AP

All are welcome to be in the gracious presence of Sri M.


The tentative duration of the celebrations will be from the 11.00 am on 3rd July  to the 08.00 am on 4th July 2023. The main programme will conclude by late evening on 3rd July. There will be a group meditation followed by breakfast on the morning of 4th July.

Venue : The Satsang Foundation Campus, Madanapalle (Google Map Link)

Participation options 

Option A is now CLOSED

Option A (Without accommodation) :  Rs.1500 /- per person includes vegetarian food consisting of lunch, snacks with tea [evening] & dinner on 3rd July and morning tea & breakfast on 4th July 2023

Participants under this option will have to make their own arrangements for stay. A suggestive list of Hotels in Madanapalle is provided below.

Option B is now CLOSED

Option B (With accommodation) :  Rs.1800 /- per person includes Dormitory accommodation and vegetarian food consisting of lunch, snacks with tea [evening] & dinner on 3rd July and morning tea & breakfast on 4th July 2023

Participation fee covers not only the food, but also all the infrastructure arrangements required for the celebrations.

Note: One of the above registration options is mandatory for participating 

In case you want your driver to be served food at the venue, kindly register him under option A. Option B is not available for drivers due to limited availability in the dormitory.

About the accommodation at the Venue

  • Due to space constraints, only limited persons can be accommodated at the dormitories and hence bookings for Option B will be on a first-come-first-booked basis. If we are unable to accommodate you under Option B, we will communicate the same to you and you will be given the opportunity to get registered under Option A.
  • Dormitory accommodation is provided in The Satsang Vidyalaya classrooms.
  • Accommodation at the venue opens only on 3rd July [Monday] morning and is valid up to 4th July [Tuesday] morning. One night only.
  • One mattress and two bed sheets per participant will be provided.
  • Common toilets/baths will be provided separately for women and men. 
  • Drinking water will be provided in the dorms.
  • You are suggested to bring [air] pillow, mosquito repellent, torchlight and umbrella.
  • We regret our inability to entertain requests for extension of stay and early arrival at Dorms

Registration Guidelines

  • To Register, click here 
  • To be part of all the Guru Purnima celebrations within the campus, registration is a must.
  • Registration slots are non-transferable & non-refundable.
  • Individual profiles on TSF web app need to be completed before registering for the event.
  • For registration on the web-app or the event related FAQ, please click here 
  • Upon registering for the event, you will receive an email with a temporary registration number. Further information about participation will be sent within 10 days of your submission of the registration form.
  • Payment details will be sent to all registered participants.
  • There will be no Group Meetings, Kriya Initiations or Reviews with Sri M, before and after the Guru Purnima. 
  • We request that you await our email before contacting us for any registration related information.

Contacts for assistance

Email: ​ 

Only if urgent:

Girish Kumar​​               + 91 8333981303​   [ 10 Am- 6 Pm  ]

Kumar Gaurav​             + 91 8333981301   [ 6 Pm – 10 Pm ]

Mahesh T. Ramadass + 91 9843024010   [ 10 Am- 6 Pm  ]


Hotels in Madanapalle

The following information on Hotels/Lodges is only suggestive in nature and the organisers do not assure or ratify the facilities and standards of the hotels/lodging establishments. The decision to stay in any hotel/lodge is entirely that of the participant.


[Opp to Canara Bank], Patel road, Madanapalle.

Phone No : (08571)-224722, 220055, Mobile no. 09849223535,08985223535

Double bed A/C                – Rs. 1500/- + Tax 12% 

Double bed non-A/C        – Rs. 900/-

No extra bed 


CTM Road,14-2-3.A, Madanapalle, (Beside Andhra bank)

PHONE NO : 08571- 227006, Mobile No. 7013546122

DELUXE ROOM A/C  – Rs. 1200/-  without GST, Rs. 1350 with GST 

DELUXE ROOM Non A/C   – Rs. 900/-

TRIPLE ROOM A/C         – Rs. 1680/- with GST, Rs. 1500 without GST

EXTRA BED.                          – Rs. 150/-

3) S V Residence

Patel Road, [ opp to Canara Bank], Madanapalle.

Phone No: :  [08571] 220304. Mobile – 09441264499 , 9441864499 ..


Family Suite  A/C                 – Rs. 2600/-

Double bed A/c                    – Rs. 1400/-

EXTRA BED.                         – Rs. 200/-


BhavaniTowers , N T R Circle, Madanapalle.

Phone No:  —. Mobile – 7013614215, 9652479757


Royal Suite A/c                   – Rs.1912 /-          Extra Bed – Rs.150/-

Executive Suite A/C         – Rs.1464 /-        

Double bed A/C                   – Rs. 1238/-                  

Double bed non A/C         – Rs.800 /-               Extra Bed  – Rs.100/-   

Only eight extra beds available.


Near RTC Bus Stand, Madanapalle.

Phone No: :   [08571] -228886. Mobile – 0 77994 64835

Double bed A/C     – Rs. 1400/- + GST 6%

Double bed non A/c  – Rs.800 /-

Single bed non A/C       – Rs.400/- No extra bed

No extra bed available

6) VSR Grand

Near RTC Bus Stand, CTM Road, Madanapalle. Land Mark Andhra Spice

Phone No: :  —  Mobile – 91- 98496 68466


Website –

Double bed A/C   – Rs. 2000/- Inclusive of tax

Triple bed A/C (Premier Suite) – Rs. 4000/- Inclusive of tax

DELUXE ROOM A/C   –  Rs. 2500/- Inc of Tax (2 Person 2500, Rs.4000 for 4 Person) 

DELUXE ROOM Non A/C     – Rs. 900/-

Family Suite A/C   –  Rs.4500/- Incl Tax (4 Person, Royal Suite)

Royal Suite A/C                       –  Rs.5500/- Incl Tax (4 Person, Royal Club Suite)

No extra bed


#14-64, CTM Road, Madanapalle

Phone No:  08571-220199, 08571-224800..

Double bed A/C                    – Rs. 1400/- + GST 12%

Double bed non A/C             – Rs. 900/-

No extra bed

8) N V Grand

NTR Circle, Kadri Road, Madanapalle.

Phone No: —  Mobile: 9700276666 . 


Double bed A/C   – Rs.1500/- + GST 12%

Double bed non A/c  – Rs.999 /- 

Deluxe Room A/c  (3 Bed)  – Rs.2200/-

Deluxe Room Non A/c (3 Bed) – Rs.2000/-  

Royal Suite A/C (4 Bed) – Rs.2500 + GST 12% 

No extra bed


C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.

Phone No :  08571- 222102, 224982

Triple bed A/c  – Rs.1800/- + GST 12%

Four bed non A/c – Rs.1200/-

Double bed non A/c  – Rs.700/-

Single bed non A/c   – Rs.400/-

No extra bed , No Cards


C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.

Phone No :  08571- 220643, 228295.

Double bed A/C            – Rs.1000/-

Double bed non A/C    – Rs.800 /-

Extra bed                    – Rs.100/-


1st Floor, C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle. 

Phone No :  08571- 228022, 228023, Mobile no. 8886676673

Single bed Non A/C      – Rs. 500/-

Double bed A/C            – Rs.1000 /-

Double bed non A/c     – Rs.800 /-

Triple bed A/C              – Rs.1550 /-

Extra bed                       – Rs. 200/-


C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle.

Phone No : 08571-221222

Double bed non A/c   – Rs.850/-

No extra bed


C.T.M.Road, Near RTC Bus stand, Madanapalle
Phone No: 08571- 223089

Triple bed non A/c –  Rs.1000/-

No extra bed


Gollapalli bypass Road (Near SeshadriSaiKalyanaMandapam), Madanapalle.

PHONE NO :   8822008008

DELUXE ROOM A/C  – Rs.1200/-

Family Suite Room A/C  – Rs. 1600/- (3 persons can be Accommodated)

No extra bed.


Old National Highway, RRN Colony, Madanapalle

PHONE NO : 08571 222636 Mobile no.9652202067

DELUXE ROOM A/C  – Rs. 1800/-

VIP ROOMS   A/C. – Rs. 2000/-

Triple Bed A/C – Rs. 2100/-

DOUBLE BED A/C – Rs. 1500/-

DOUBLE BED (NON A/C)  -Rs. 900/-

No Extra bed.


CTM Road, Madanapalle. 

Phone no: 08571 226005

Double DELUXE               – Rs.750/-

Triple DELUXE                 – Rs.1200/-

Double Bed  A/C          – Rs.1300/-

Triple Bed A/C                 – Rs.1500/-

Extra bed                           – Rs.200/-


2-214, Patel Road, Gopi Krishna powers, Above City Union bank, Madanapalle.

Phone no: 7416848079, 7386388872   Mail:


DELUXE  ROOM A/C       – Rs. 1700 / – (3 members)

Double Bed A/C  – Rs.1500/- (3 members)

Double Bed Non A/C   – Rs.1000/- 

Extra Bed  – Rs.200/-


Besant Road, Madanapalle, 

Phone no: –  9440125045

Double Bed A/C           – Rs.1000/-

Triple Bed A/C              – Rs.1200/-

Four bed A/C                – Rs.1600/-  +  GST

Double Bed Non A/C    – Rs.700/-

Triple bed  Non  A/C     –  Rs.900/-

19)  JNR Grand

Near Reliance Trends, Gollapalli Cross, Madanapalle 

Phone No: 9494424288

Deluxe Room A/c         – Rs.1680/-

Family Suite A/c          – Rs.3000/-

Executive Suite A/c      – Rs. 2011,  suites  Rs. 2500

20) Zam Zam Residency

Opp Axis bank, C.T.M road, upstairs of Fincrop bank Madanapalle 

Mobile no. 8340048999, 8340058999

Double Bed  A/c                – Rs.1700/-

Double Bed Non  A/c        – Rs.1300/-

Triple Bed  A/c                   – Rs.2500/-

Triple Bed  Non  A/c          – Rs.1900/-

Deluxe Room A/c              – Rs.2000/-

Deluxe Room Non A/c      – Rs.1500/-

Family Suite A/c            – Rs.2800/-

Family Suite Non A/c        – Rs.2200/-

21) All Seasons Residency

opp M Grand , near Reliance Trends, 

Mobile no. 7688822268, 9849370323

Mail ID – all

Double Bed Non A/c       – Rs.2100/-     (10% Discount)

Family Suite A/c                – Rs.3300/- (10% Discount)

About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.