Integration of Goshala, Natural Farming & Education in a self-sustainable model

There are two Goshalas of Desi cows at Madanapalle and Chowdepalle Centres of the Satsang Foundation and we hope to integrate the Goshalas with natural farming and education.

The Goshala at Chowdepalle was started in a small structure, in October 2019, with four cows and one male calf. Now almost three acres of land have been allocated for a well-designed, spacious structure, grazing and fodder fields, storage, dairy, and rooms for farmers.

It is a joy to house 7 cows and 5 calves adjacent to the farms, orchards, and a large pond. Desi cows (A2) of Gir and Sahiwal breed, natural farming and tree plantation are integrating well at this Centre, as mutually supportive activities. Panchgavya, Jeevamrutam and chemical-free fertilizers made from cow dung and urine, are used for paddy cultivation, vegetable farming, and fruit gardens.

Recently, a Goshala was started on the Madanapalle campus, with four cows and two calves, again of Gir and Sahiwal origin. While the Chowdepalle Goshala has the advantage of integrating with farming activities, Madanapalle Goshala is located close to The Satsang Vidyalaya.


A schoolteacher is taking active interest in the upkeep of this Goshala with an enthusiasm to involve students in projects, where education will come alive through experiential learning.

In addition, we propose to start production units at both the Goshalas, for making eco-friendly making cow dung-based products like logs, pots, diyas, dhoop, incense, mosquito repellents etc. These products not only enrich the Puja rooms and gardens but also help avoid cutting of trees.

Cow dung logs can be used for Yajna, Dhunii, and even in crematoriums. We are connecting with training centres in and around Madanapalle and Bangalore to master the related skills.

To make this an integrated project, it involves maintenance and promotion of Desi cows, organic and natural farming, training and setting up of production units and training in dairy and cow-dung based products, all of which calls for allocation of sufficient funds.

We look forward to your support and contributions to maintain and upkeep of the goshalas.



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