Introducing a new initiative – The Sacred Grove : Centre for Exploring Consciousness


The Satsang Foundation is pleased to announce a new initiative – “Centre for Exploring Consciousness”. Planned in Chowdepalli, Andhra Pradesh, the centre is coming up at a distance of around twenty-seven kilometers from Madanapalle.

The Aranya Sanskriti (forest heritage / culture) of ancient India is one of the finest examples of exploring the higher stages of Consciousness. Derived from this concept, Sri M has proposed a Sacred Grove for organising Satsangs – both for practice in solitude as well as in interaction with the Master.

In the first phase of the plan, a library is planned at the Centre to house literature from all traditions and their interpretations. An Amphitheatre to accommodate around a thousand people is also planned. A few cottages are part of the design as retreats for an inner journey.

This Centre aims to support a simple life style with organic farms, fruit orchards, medicinal plants and a protective shelter for cows – a self-sufficient unit with its own supply of milk, vegetables and fruits.

You can contribute towards this initiative as volunteers or as resource providers by writing to:

About The Satsang Foundation

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