Ramnavami Celebrations 2016 at the Riverview Retreat

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15th April 2016 started early with Yogasanas and meditation at 7 am. By 10.30 am, friends and representatives of different organizations joined for chanting of Ramnaam & bhajans. Young interns from Initiatives of Change, brought in another flavour of the same spirit by chanting prayers in Spanish.

Visuals from ‘Walk of Hope’ were shared with a small gathering of about 20 people belonging to different religious faiths and ideologies.

The visitors and guests appreciated the quilts, bedcovers and other handmade items made by the women being trained to do this work at this Retreat Centre.

Continuing with the spirit of “Sab ke liye khula hai Mandir yeh hamara, aao koi bhi panthi, aao koi bhi dharmi, deshi-videshiyon ka Mandir hai yeh hamara’ – This temple of ours is open to all, whatever be your Path, whatever be your Dharma, do come into our temple. This temple is for all, be they from this land or from the farthest shores of the world’. Though no one present there could sing these words of Tukdoji Maharaj, the illustrious saint from Maharashtra, the spirit of his song prevailed all through the day.

As on previous Ramnavami celebrations at this place, the villagers poured in to help in the arrangements of langar for all. Around 250 – 275 people shared the community meal that continued into the evening hours.

The evening prayer meeting started with Justice Sonia Gokani and Justice Bela Trivedi chanting prayers from Ashram Bhajnawali from Sevagram, followed by bhajans by Sri Ajit Avdhani, Justice Trivedi and Mrs Mandakini Mathur. All through the day there was a sense of well being amongst all.

A few remarks by the guests provide a of this coming together of different streams –

Justice Bela Trivedi

I was very fortunate to be part of the Ramnavami celebration on 15th April at Riverview Retreat, a new initiative of the Satsang Foundation. Our day started with the Yoga session conducted by a very sincere and committed teacher, followed by chanting of Naamjap and interactions on the philosophy of Sri Vimala Thakar, Sri M, Sri Ramana Maharshi and others…. Our memorable day ended listening to the CD recording of Ramayana by Sri M.

Justice Sonia Gokani

Very rarely one finds combination of natural beauty and divine grace so prominently present. …warmth and quality of management at the Retreat with humane touch are worth emulating.

Mrs Rohi Kulkarni, Teacher

On the auspicious day of Ramnavami … it was an amazing scene to see the guests volunteering to cook themselves .. The evening was filled with mesmerizing and melodious bhajans. I can only say that this Ramnavami will always be remembered by everyone present there. It was truly a memorable day in my life to be listening to the CD on Ramayana by Sri M

Karunna, Yogacharya

It was a wonderful experience meeting like minded people, serene satsangs . Amazing to see around 250 people come for langar..Most astonishing was the co-ordination among the staff due to which the whole function went off smoothly. The whole atmosphere was charged with good vibes and peaceful energy, where everyone found their own answers and were content

About The Satsang Foundation

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