Sri M on An Experience called Friendship

Sri M speaks on An Experience called Friendship in the Bodhivriksha ( Kannada edition of Times of India’s Speaking Tree ), from its various perspectives, and the universal bonds that form its eternal foundation. The article was the lead feature in Bodhivriksha dated August 1-7, 2015.


  • People try to seek friendship through social network, through a click of the mouse. But the mind keeps yearning for a friend who responds to you. …I am presently walking in Nasik. This padayatra has given me a bunch of experiences. Relationships are important in our walk of life. Among such relationships, unalloyed, pure friendship is what I came across in little hamlets where people welcomed us with open hearts. Isn’t that warmth friendship?
  • I repeatedly compare relationship to friendship. There is a word called ‘friendly’ which means to give joy, to free others from pain, to create an atmosphere conducive for that. Look at the lives of saints. They never lived for themselves. That is why they resided close to people’s hearts. Through their friendly disposition they created a happy atmosphere around them.
  • Spirituality is a natural process. It connects hearts which in turn should strengthen the bond of humanity. If we want to realize that we must learn to interact with people. There is no bondage in spiritually. But it shows the divine dimension to relationships. We have to turn to divinity. How do we do it? This is where the Guru plays a role. A Guru is one who leads us on the path of righteousness. In the journey of life each day is a walk which has neither a beginning nor an end. Relationships and friendships are those that join their steps with the innumerable steps we take .
  • When I speak of relationship I stress upon individual relationship which is related to spiritual thinking and not to material existence. It helps the student who yearns for the teacher’s grace. We fail many a time in our path of practice. We fail to develop a proximate relationship with the teacher. That does not mean that the inseparable relationship between the teacher and the taught has ended. One need not lose heart. Here the student is the achiever and the teacher is the motivator. The Guru has knowledge and the shishya has the desire for knowledge. This desire must be deep. Only then does the patience to understand develop. That patience will strengthen the bond with the guru. Such a strong bond makes the path to spirituality smooth.
  • Many people think spirituality is a panacea, a solution to all problems. I would say that before you cure others heal yourself. Satisfy your soul and then look for the Truth. Converse with the divine constantly. I have seen many people. They try to heal others but are sick themselves. How then can they cure others?
  • My guru has given me a message—to be of good character. For, unless the Yama Niyamas are followed properly, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi do not give result. So purify your Yama Niyamas.
  • Do not find fault in others. We have to introspect. Only then do we see our true picture. Then we must think of the jewel in us. A spark that is related to the omnipotent god in us. That light has the energy to clear all filth in us. Unless we see the intensity of the problem how can we solve it ?

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Sri M on Friendship - Bodhivriksha-Speaking Tree-August 2015

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