Sri M walks in London for Unity and Hope


We are happy to inform you that Sri M will be walking for Unity and Hope on 18th June 2019 in London along with Lady Mohini Kent Noon, the sponsor and D. Jude Currivan and Lord Stone of Blackheath of the Unity Community. As you may know, Sri M has led walks of hope around the world including one the length of India.

I think there are some problems that can only be solved by non political people like you and I. We human beings can change, we can do many things, with this idea in mind, Manav Ekta, that we are all One. After all, every human being here or in any part of the world is born from the womb of a mother, there’s nobody who falls from heaven. And when we die, we go back to the same earth. Now in this little drama between life and death, can’t we live in peace and harmony?’ Sri M

‘We are at a pivotal moment where science is converging with spirituality leading to an anchoring of unity awareness. This new paradigm converges with profound spiritual insights and experiences of all ages and traditions. It sees the physical realm as the manifestation of a deeper, unified, informational reality. This integral model invites and empowers a renewed realisation of the inherent sanctity, universal worth and value of all existence. It offers meaning and purpose to our existence, and that of our entire Universe’. Dr Jude Currivan

‘Much of my work is in the Middle East and from 50 years’ experience I can see now that unity work must be conducted vertically at three levels of relationships: at country level, between communities, and then between individuals within communities. ‘ Andrew, Lord Stone of Blackheath

The walk will visit different places of worship, ending at the Nehru Centre (8 South Audley Street, W1K 1HF) for refreshments.

This will be followed by a talk by Sri M at 6.30 p.m. at The Nehru Centre.

The Route Map.

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