The Satsang Foundation is a proud participant in the Ganga Haritama Abhiyaan, an initiative to clean & green the Ganga river banks


The Satsang Foundation is happy to announce participation in The Ganga Haritama Abhiyaan announced recently by the Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The project is an initiative to clean and green the banks of the river Ganga. The Satsang Foundation has pledged to plant one lakh trees at Gad Mukteshwar and nearby villages and the Ganga catchment areas. The plantation is expected to start early this season.

The river Ganges is considered sacred and is personified as the goddess Ganga. Our Holy River Ganga even surpasses the status accorded by us to our mothers. Today, primarily due to our myopic and irresponsible approach, the pollution level of our lifeline, the River Ganga, is continuously on the rise. The pollution in River Ganga is not only threatening the mere existence of mankind but is also catastrophic in nature for more than 140 species of fishes and around 90 rare species of aquatic life.

The major source of pollution in River Ganga is discharge of sewage in untreated state along with the discharge of industrial toxic and polluted effluent. Also, construction of Dams in Uttarakhand has lead adversely effected the flow condition of River Ganga and has contributed towards increasing pollution. This has not only reduced the flow in the river in plain areas but has also contributed towards depletion of ground water.

The State Government, having considered the importance of river Ganga for the society and the prevailing pollution, has taken pro active steps for the conservation of river and has launched “Ganga Haritima Abhiyan”. This very objective of Ganga Haritima Abhiyan is conservation of eco system of River Ganga, uplifting of the living conditions of masses living in areas along the river and special focus on cleanliness and hygienic conditions in nearby areas along the river. Under this Abhiyan, the masses will be educated for conservation of the river and also for the optimum use of its resources. The high point of Ganga Haritima Abhiyan is that it will be executed as a mass campaign and the State will act as a facilitator. The Sate Government feels that connecting the masses with this Abhiyan is necessary for conservation of river Ganga.

Tree Plantation

Ganga Haritima Abhiyan will be specially conducted in 27 districts though which the river passes in its journey. Dense Tree Plantation will be carried upto a distance of one kilometer from the banks of river. The activities in Abhiyan will focus on cleanliness drive, controlling the erosion of river banks and, water conservation and holistic development of villages. The sources of pollution will be identified at local level and effective steps will be taken for their control. Mass awareness campaign will be conducted in casement aria of river. A total of 12 departments will coordinate for successful execution of Ganga Haritima Abhiyan.

Districts where Ganga Haritima Abhiyan will be carried out

Bijnore, Aligarh, Amroha, Allhabad, Amethi, Badaun, Bulandshahar, Farrukhbad, Fatehpur, Ghazipur, Hapur, Hardoi, Kannauj, Kanpur, Chandauli, Kashganj, Kaushambi, Meerut, Mirzapur, Muzaffarnagar, Pratapgarh, Raebareli, Shambhal, Sahjahanpur, Unnao, Varansi and Balia.

Organizations having pledged for more than One Lac Plantation

The Satsang Foundation Varanasi

This foundation will plant One Lac Plantation in Varanasi and Garhmukteshwar

Shaqeel Qureshi Bareilly

The Bareilly based entrepreneur Shaqeel Qureshi will distribute one Lac Plants free of cost

Arya Samaj

D.N. Arya of Arya Samaj has pledged to plant One Lac Plantation in Varanasi

Srajan Samajik Vikash Nyaya

Srajan, an NGO has pledged to plant One Lac One Thousand Plantation.


Schedule of Ganga Haritima Abhiyan

Date Festival/Day Programme& Activities
22 April Ganga Saptami and World Earth Day Ganga Chetna Yatra, Ganga Chaupal, Ganga Prabhat Pheri, Cleaning of Ghaat, Ganga Haritima Pledge, Signature Campaign
24 May Ganga Dusherra Film on Ganga Conservation, Ganga Aarti and Cleaning of Ghaat.
05 June World Environment Day Programme and Public Interaction on Subjects related to Ganga
01 -07 July Van Mahotsav Plantation drive
01 August World Friendship Day Plantation drive and Pledge for Tree Friendship
12 August World Youth Day Plantation drive
15 August Independence Day Events on  Social, Economical, Religious and National issues related to Ganga
26 August Raksha Bandhan Tying of the Rakhee on Trees and taking pledge for their conservation
05 September Teachers Day Programme in Eco-Clubs on on Conservation of river Ganga, Cleanliness, Solid waste, Bio Agriculture
16 September World Ozone Day Felicitation of special contributors in Ganga Haritima Abhiyan at State and District level.


About The Satsang Foundation

The Satsang Foundation, founded by Sri M, is a meeting point for spiritual seekers of all persuasions. The Satsang Foundation also extends a helping hand to the less privileged of society.