Aviral Godavari Mission: Kund Cleaning and Rejuvenation

The primary objective of the Aviral Godavari Mission is to rejuvenate River Godavari, the second longest river in India, and to ensure uninterrupted and perennial flow of her life-giving water. The Satsang Foundation, Namami Goda Foundation, and partner organisations have joined hands to work towards the restoration of over 100 existing water bodies (natural ponds as well as man-made kunds or tanks) on the Brahmagiri Mountain, Trimbakeshwar in Nashik District.

The cleaning of the kunds will ensure water exchange through the ground with neighbouring water bodies and will help replenish the river’s flow.

Dr. Ajit Gokhale, founder of Natural Solutions, a Scientific and Technical consultancy firm for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development, has been supporting the mission with his technical expertise. With his guidance, some kunds have been identified to be worked on during this winter.

The Satsang Foundation and Namami Goda Foundation volunteers gathered together at the Brahmagiri Mountain on 26 November 2023 to clean the Vaanar Kund, along with a team of workers drawn from those residing near the mountain. A sense of deep commitment to the rejuvenation of the River Godavari was palpable at the conclusion of work on each day as the entire cleaning process was wrapped up within a week.

The Vaanar Kund can hold about 700 litres of water. If protected properly, the water can be used and might even be potable. Work will be done to place hydrostatic pressure on the mouth of the kund’s spring to reduce the overflow of the spring and elongate its life. The pressure will act as a partial closing of a tap and allow the water to seep back into the ground. The surrounding vegetation will also benefit from the underground reserves of water. The cordon wall will be constructed using indigenous techniques, with lime sand, cow urine, jaggery water mixture, and with stones recovered from the kund itself.

The Aviral Godavari team envisages the cleaning of four more kunds on the Brahmagiri Mountain in the days ahead. These are large kunds filled with debris and water. When they are replenished there will be adequate water for the plants and trees growing in their vicinity, and also available for local villages or settlements as well as for animals in the area.

To join in rejuvenating the water bodies, please write to connect@satsang-foundation.org.

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