Concept to Consolidation – Swaasthya Hospital, Madanapalle

From the blueprint, Swaasthya hospital is now standing as a reality in the The Satsang Foundation (TSF) campus at Madanapalle.

The hospital has a strong civil infrastructure, bed lifts to move patients, wide corridors, a comfortable staircase, and large windows to provide natural lighting and cross ventilation.

The main entrance faces the West with a ramp and staircase leading to the lobby which serves as a common point for registration of walk-in patients, the patients waiting area, and admission counter.

The waiting lounge, Pharmacy, CT scan room, and entrance to the diagnostic wing are located just behind the lobby. The Diagnostic wing will have all facilities including the regular preventive health checks. All these services being under one roof is a huge boon to patients as precious time is saved leading to timely care.  

The Trauma centre and Emergency department have a separate entrance with an ambulance bay providing direct access to ambulances. This enables us to focus on emergencies and saving precious lives.  The emergency department is also connected to the diagnostics centre to render accurate, timely treatment. 

The Mother and Child unit, located on the first floor, is designed to render services comprising pre-labour assessments, the labour room, baby-care facilities, baby cleaning, lactation, and the post-delivery ward. It also has a birthing suite with state-of-the art facilities. The first floor also houses the special wards and the male and female general wards, dedicated exclusively for patients from economically-challenged backgrounds.

The second floor has two modern, modular, Operating Theatres (OT) for patients requiring surgical interventions and emergency surgeries. Laminar flow, CSSD, change rooms, surgeons’ lounge and patient counselling room are some of the contemporary features of the OT complex.

The critical care unit (CCU) is situated next to this OT complex, ready to receive patients for post-surgery care. This unit is also equally equipped with state-of-the-art ventilators, monitors, and other equipment to enhance recovery. Wards providing for single, double, and triple sharing beds are located on the same floor.

The third floor, which houses the general ward for medical, surgical, and paediatric patients, is well-ventilated and offers a pleasing view of the natural surroundings. The administrative wing, a board room, and a room for the facilitation of remote consultations with Telemedicine are also housed on this floor. This Telemedicine unit is the heart of our rural outreach program and will be very crucial for early detection of various diseases and rendering timely intervention. Moreover, there is provision for a training hall to host periodic seminars and training for the in-house medical personnel and continuing, medical-education programmes for medical personnel in and around Madanapalle.

The basement houses the Physiotherapy department and support services. General stores, pharmacy stores, and the water pumping systems are also located here.

The ground floor in the South will directly lead to the Annexe through a ramp. This building will have administrative offices, particularly the billing, accounts, procurement, and Human Resource offices.

In addition, the kitchen and its stores, laundry, manifold for the medical gases, electrical controls including uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems have been accommodated here.

The hospital is powered by electricity with an exclusive standalone transformer, backed by a high-powered generator (DG) and UPS while the terrace harbours the solar power system. 

We would like to express our immense gratitude to all those who have supported the construction of Swaasthya Hospital and the team that has worked relentlessly to ensure that the timelines were met efficiently. 

However, we now appeal for help to equip the hospital with medical equipment and non-medical furniture. The interiors and branding have begun. We are hoping to acquire the required equipment in the next 45 days. 

The hospital is expected to be ready and operational by July 2023. 

We are looking for support to fulfil the last leg of this race to complete our endeavour. Human Resources with healthcare experience are vital to ensure that every area of the hospital is operational. 

To join our cause and participate in every sphere of this life-saving mission, please write to us at

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