Free Eye camp for community underlines urgent need for Swaasthya Hospital

Unusually for a Sunday morning, crowds spanning three generations from in and around Madanapalle milled about Satsang Vidyalaya with their Aadhaar card in hand. Right opposite the upcoming Swaasthya hospital, the Satsang Swasthya Kendra had organised a free eye camp for the community to get their vision tested and corrections suggested by specialists.

The first of a series of medical camps at The Satsang Foundation (TSF) Campus post-pandemic, the Eye Check Camp was organized in partnership with the LV Prasad Eye Institute, Madanapalle.  The participants included Satsang Vidyalaya Students and Staff,  Swasthya Kendra Beneficiaries and staff, SWECHA staff, TSF office staff, ground staff, Satsang Skill Development Centre staff, as well as residents of the Satsang Campus.  All families were also invited to participate in the camp that saw little kids, parents and grandparents trooping in. In all, nearly 400 participants benefitted from the exercise on a cool Sunday morning of 22nd January, with follow-ups planned for further investigations, surgeries and providing spectacles for those in need.

The community outreach and participation was an indication of the pressing need for the upcoming Swasthya Hospital to take cognizance of. While the structure for it came up in record time, the interior work with civil gadgets and medical equipment is also being installed at a rapid pace. 

One of the notable features of this hospital is the state of the art, modern modular operating theatres. Madanapalle being a small town, health care has remained far below contemporary standards, making everyone rush to the nearest cities. Precious time for quick medical response is lost in transit with tremendous inconvenience caused due to lack of timely advice, referral, logistics, costs and many not being familiar with city hospital systems. The problem gets compounded in a medical emergency. 

The two rapidly upcoming operation theatres fulfil all required current standards to perform both elective and emergency surgeries on par. Modular theatres maintain the highest quality of sterility, one of the fundamental requirements for quality surgery and outcomes. They have two independent exclusive air handling units, that provide quality air for the theatres. The Heppa filters maintain the air totally clean and devoid of micro-organisms to ensure no contamination and very low chances of post-operative infection. 

The operation theatre complex has been designed to have multiple barriers as per total safety standards. They have been equipped with special operating room lights, surgical tables, machines and surgical equipment to facilitate General surgery, Orthopaedic surgery, Obstetric surgery, Gynaecological surgery, Ophthalmic surgery, and ENT surgery, for men, women and children of all age groups. The most modern anaesthesia workstations and monitoring systems will provide safe anaesthesia for all varieties of surgeries.

The civil infrastructure and air tight doors and windows have been fixed and are functional. The medical gas lines that connect operating rooms to the manifold has been completed. Very soon all medical equipment will be procured and installed.

For the first time, Madanapalle will have top quality healthcare where surgeons can perform complex operations. To fulfil Sri M’s vision to bring quality health care to the rural populace in and around the area, help is required in terms of equipment, man power, technical staff and skilled personnel. That apart, TSF earnestly requests surgeons, theatre technicians and operating room nurses to come forward to support this noble initiative. 

Assistance is required to maintain standards and upgrade whenever needed in the high intensity system to ensure quality services in this remote set up. Cleanliness, sterility, air quality, water quality, linen, special equipment, medical gasses, specialised medicines will be constant requirements. In addition, the hospital will also open up a great opportunity for employment for all trained and skilled staff. We look forward to your assistance and generosity, in whichever form you deem fit, to help convert this vision into reality. 

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