Satsang Swasthya Hospital – Diagnostic Wing


Satsang Swasthya Kendra recognizes how crucial diagnostic services are for speedy diagnosis, interventions for emergencies, disease prognosis, treatment planning and subsequent monitoring. These services reduce the burden of care in a rural set up, where people have to travel to urban areas to access diagnostic facilities and also set a benchmark in best practices by early identification of age, gender, geographic area based risk factors

With these in mind, Satsang Swasthya Kendra plans to start a Diagnostic Wing which will have the following Diagnostic Specialties and Equipment

  • Hematology and Biochemistry Diagnostic Auto-analyzer Equipment (Essential POC)
  • Imaging Services: Digital X-Ray with PACS, Ultrasound with 4 probes including Echo, CT Scan 16 Slice, Peizoelectric Breast Exam
  • Cardio-Diagnostics: ECG, ECHO, TMT, Holter Recorder 4 with Analyzer.
  • Other Diagnostics: PFT, Uroflometry/Urodynamics, upper and lower endoscopy, and colonoscopy.
  • Diagnostic markers to identify long-term health risks to enable planning treatment
  • Information System for integrating sample collection, recording test results, managing database and delivery of results.
  • State of the art Point-of-care equipment backed by telemedicine connecting healthcare experts all over the world

Keeping public health and preventive medicine in mind, the Diagnostic Wing of the upcoming Swasthya hospital will aid in launching need-based health initiatives for its beneficiaries.  This will result in periodic awareness and screening camps to keep a check on the disease trend and help in incorporating measures to prevent these diseases and disorders as far as possible. This will be done with the help of a small laboratory equipped with a 3-part hematology analyzer and a biochemistry analyzer along with centrifuge and a small portable X-Ray for minor imaging.


Swasthya Hospital aims at reaching these services to the vulnerable sections of society by integrating this wing with the mobile medicare programme.  The POC equipment will be connected to platforms like healthcare apps to facilitate diagnostic and healthcare searches in a simplified way by providing immediate access to a plethora of affordable medical solutions. These technology based platforms will not only work as aids to rural healthcare challenges but also reduce redundant medical tests, improve and expedite clinical decision making and improve access to all levels of healthcare by benefiting people from every walk of life.


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