Women and Child Care Services at Swasthya Hospital, Madanapalle

In a country where a woman is worshipped as devi, the rural India scene presents a different picture. Issues like female foeticide, domestic violence, child marriage, physical and abuse affect the well-being of women and children. Lack of essential awareness about women’s health relating to importance of good nutrition, menstrual hygiene, safe pregnancy, etc. have a domino effect on women’s health.

In order to address these issues, awareness programs and regular camps are being held to educate women.

The upcoming Swasthya Hospital intends to begin this crucial service in its first phase itself. Right from a fully equipped Obstetrics and Gynecology ward, it plans to have diagnostic and imaging services to aid early detection of various health issues. To ensure safe delivery, a labour room equipped with neonatal resuscitation essentials and incubators, has been planned.


To adjunct the clinical services, various awareness and counselling services on antenatal anaemia, hypertension or gestational diabetes, which often go unchecked, proper nutrition, immunization, safe institutional delivery as well as postnatal care services like lactation counselling, etc., will also be rendered. With these services, we hope to bring down the maternal as well as infant mortality rate.

Once babies come into this world, survival is a real challenge till age five. In order to ensure that they thrive well, the Department of Paediatrics will simultaneously function with obstetrics and gynaecology. Both clinical and counselling services will ensure the safe advent of these children into adolescence by giving them a fighting chance against all developmental delays, malnutrition, etc.

From unsafe home deliveries to safe institutional deliveries to continued childcare, Swasthya Hospital will offer a range of services under one roof to make the life of mother and child safer and happier.

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