Sri M Answers | Elaboration of the concept of Women Empowerment

From Sri M’s Hello Joy Alukkas Radio interview by Salin Mankuzhy, broadcast on 27 June 2016 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am IST.

Q: Women empowerment is a term commonly used today. How do we bring women in the public domain? If we say give them freedom, it seems as if we are holding back their freedom. Who should give this freedom? How and when?

Sri M : Bringing women into all domains of work where men are already there is what I refer to as empowerment. Men think it is their field alone. Women must be brought into those fields. We have to see how this can be enabled. When we say give them freedom, are we not controlling their freedom? Is it not true ?

Women must have the capacity to sit and talk face to face, courageously. If this capacity is there, there is no need for anything else. The rest they will find for themselves. This is my opinion. We have to give them that courage. This freedom and courage must be given from childhood by
 the parents and, later, the school teachers.

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