Sri M Answers | The conflict of being spiritual and egoistic & harboring resentment

Selected excerpts from “Sri M in conversation with Sharat Bhattatirippad”, RJ of Fever 104 FM, recorded during Sri M’s Nirahar Satyagraha at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on February 25, 2016. 

Q: One aspect I have seen is that people on the spiritual path have a lot of devotion towards their Guru, but the ego doesn’t shrink. On one hand, there is immense devotion towards the Guru, and on the other hand, there are clashes with other devotees. One corner of the heart is full of joy and a tiny corner holds resentment. What is the way out of this, in order for our Soul Yatra to move forward?

Sri M: This happens everywhere. There are two aspects to this. First, a Guru loves everyone. Each person (devotee) thinks that the Guru loves him more than the other! When someone feels that he is being loved a little less, then there can be a problem. It is natural to feel so since we are all humans. The second thing is there is this wrong notion that by falling at your Guru’s feet and washing his feet, it makes everything all right. That is not what a Guru wants. What is most important is to follow your Guru’s instructions. For eg: I am standing here at Jantar Mantar and I know the way to Connaught Circus. An outsider, visiting Delhi for the first time, stops to ask me the way to Connaught Circus. My duty, as a Guru and as a person who knows the way to Connaught Circus, is to tell him, ‘Go like this, then turn left, turn right, go straight. Basically tell him the exact way.’

If he wants to get to Connaught Place, he will reach there. Instead, if he just stands there and garlands me, does Aarti and tells everyone this is the greatest Guru who has shown me the way to Connaught Place, how will he reach Connaught Place? So, whatever be the given instructions, they have to be followed. Not following them will not get you anywhere. Most of the times this happens because it is a bit difficult to follow instructions. People are lazy. They think, ‘Let us put everything on the Guru’s head, he will take care of everything.’

We do not listen. Then we say, he is a good man. He will forgive and take us with him. But it is not like that. Whatever are the instructions, they need to be followed. What I say is from my own experience and also what Babaji taught me. Whosoever follows instructions shall reach the destination. This is why it is not a good idea to look at the personality of the Guru as this is a cause for distraction. It is a hindrance to moving ahead. People think since the Guru is always smiling, he must be a nice man—a Karunakar (merciful)—and, he will do something for us. However, being ever smiling is a habit. It is not because he is a good man that he smiles away.

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