Sri M Answers | What is a Guru’s message to the society ?

From Sri M’s Hello Joy Alukkas Radio interview by Salin Mankuzhy, broadcast on 27 June 2016 from 8:30 am to 9:30 am IST.

Q: As a Guru, what is your message to the society? What is that you have to propose to us, in terms of changes needed in our life? What about the current educational system – when formulating the curriculum/syllabus, should they not incorporate these matters?

Sri M: According to me, in this world, we cannot find completeness in life. As we know, most people have a lot of money, estate, four cars et al. But, is there any peace of mind? If there is peace of mind, why are they going to a Fakir who is sitting under a tree with a begging bowl? What do they seek from him? He has nothing with him. Yes, he has something to give – peace of mind. The people, who approach him, have everything but don’t have peace of mind. Even though we live in this world, ultimate satisfaction is illusory and, one day, death comes.

We need to live with this understanding. Know that all people may have weaknesses like us. Instead of blaming others, find our own mistakes. If we live like this, adopting this method, it will help us, both in spiritual and worldly life. It will enable us to move forward as a good citizen. This is my advice.

For this to be accomplished, there is no need to change attire, no need to change anything, and no need to change the place we stay in. We only need to change our Mind. In order to do that – in a practical way – we need to sit quietly in a place, during our daily routine, and take the mind within. There may be the requirement of a technique for this. Each individual may require a different method.

For example, a person born a Muslim, if I advise him to sit quietly and chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ when he requests to engage in some spiritual practice, he won’t be able to follow it. Then, what to do? I first ask them if they do the Namaz 5 times. Some may say they don’t do so. If so, I tell them to do that first. By doing this for some time, the mind will begin to be quiet. Later, few “Zikr” in Sufism is given to them. These are connected to breathing and, hence, selected with care. When someone comes from another background, something suitable to him or her is advised. I don’t believe in a common formula. This is how I choose to advice on their spiritual needs.

Well, the current education system, they don’t take care of these things. They are not bothered either. What is our syllabus? How to find a job, how to get promotion or else, a lot of history? History can be looked upon in a good way and in a bad way. If History is taught in a good way, it is constructive – or else, we will feel the need for revenge because someone did something outrageous in the long past.

This is what we study. But what has to be included in the curriculum is ‘humanity’. What is referred to, as Humanities nowadays, is Social Studies and History. ‘How to live as a Human being is Humanity’, but there is no curriculum like that today. Thus, we need to introduce such changes by influencing the government.

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