Walk of Hope 2015-16 Kollam ( Kerala ) team help create a mini-library on spirituality at the Araya Seva Samajam

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The Walk of Hope 2015-16 team members at Kollam have come together to help create a small library on spirituality, by donating 17 significant publications on the subject to the Araya Seva Samajam at Parimanam. It may be recalled that it was at Parimanam, a beautiful fishing hamlet – a part of the Kollam coastline that Sri M chose to hold the Day’s Satsang on Day 14 of the padayatra – January 25, 2015. A satsang, that Sri M personally terming it the best since the Walk began.

The Walk of Hope team have ensured that all the 17 publications have been personally monogrammed by Sri M , before donating it to the local fishermen community’s (Araya) community leadership.

Here is a complete list of the titles ( All Malayalam versions ) :

1. Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography by Sri M

2. A Jewel in the Lotus by Sri M

3. Wisdom of the Rishis by Sri M

4. Complete works of Swamy Vivekananda – 7 volumes

5. Gospel of Ramakrishna – 3 volumes

6. The Complete works of Sree Narayana guru – 2 volumes

7. The Complete works of Chattambi Swamikal

It is hoped that this gesture would help enrich and encourage meaningful spiritual explorations amongsrt the community and be richer for it through the years.

Sri M’s Satsang on Day 14 ( January 25, 2015 ) at Neendakara.

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