Learning Yoga at a 21st century Gurukula

One has only heard of a Gurukula in stories narrated by grandparents or read about them in books, but to be present in a setting with Sri M interacting with the Yoga TTC students under the peepal tree in the ashram, made one wonder if this is how traditional Gurukulams must have been in the forests thousands of years ago.

All the classes and sessions of the month-long Yoga Teacher Training Course were held in the Yogashala. All aspects of the program were covered for the overall development of the participants. The sessions consisted of meditations, chanting sessions, asana theory and practice, karma yoga etc followed by evaluations.

Besides the various classes conducted by the BYVK teachers, Sri M took a few sessions expanding on the Nath Yogic text ‘Hatha Yoga Pradipika’ considered to be the most important text for all yoga practitioners and teachers.

Sri M decided to have one such session as a samvaad with the students  under the peepal tree located near the shivalaya in the ashram. 

Squirrels, cuckoo birds, jungle babblers, Google (the Ashram dog) and cicadas also joined in as soon as Sri M took center stage. The chirping birds seemed to be asking questions of their own. At one-point Sri M noted that this was a perfect setting for a Gurukula and the only thing missing were the wandering leopards (as it must have been in the forests in ancient times).

This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to engage with Sri M in a Q&A session.

To a question about seeing positive and negative qualities in others, Sri M remarked that a real Guru only sees positive qualities in a person and all his efforts are to bring out those qualities and to make them shine. Even if it takes many lifetimes. 

In the serene ambience of the setting Sun, the sound of rustling leaves, and the fragrance of the Parijata flowers around, every part of nature participated in the samvaad and when it was over, no one knew how time had flown.

At the end of the 4th week, it was a similar feeling. Flying high after Sri M’s light-hearted sessions, exams were smooth sailing and the week concluded in a graduation ceremony with Sri M personally handing each student their BYVK Yoga Instructor certificate and initiating all into Kriya Yoga.

Participants share their experiences

It is very difficult to summarize in a few words, this amazing course called the TTC organized by the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra at the Satsang Foundation Campus in Madanapalle. Being here at the campus, learning Yoga, both theory and practical, participating in Karma Yoga and getting trained to lead a disciplined yet balanced life for the last 30 days has been one of most memorable experiences of my life.

– Kanika Gupta

The TTC course was a great learning experience for me. All the TTC teachers were very loving, kind and supportive throughout the course and they helped me to complete the course successfully with ease. The course has given me very deep insights into the Ashtanga yoga. The Ashtanga yoga was not only theoretical, but it was also very practically taught to us. In the presence of Guruji, I had felt an unexplainable tranquility and peace embracing me.

– Subathra M

Eternally grateful to BYVK for this wonderful course. It gave me an understanding of our ancient culture and tradition. I got to know lovely human beings.  I have benefitted a lot and I am certain that my family and circle will eventually benefit through this. The tranquility in Babaji’s shrine and the privilege to be in the presence of my Guru… nothing short of heaven. The cherry on the cake was receiving the Certificate from my Guru. 

– Adhishri Kumari

“I would recommend one and all, irrespective of age, etc to take this divine opportunity to truly enrich one’s life empowering oneself with the right fitness and knowledge to face life ahead in any field one wishes to undertake. I cannot thank Sir and everyone here enough. Only ask to accept my heartiest gratitude and thanks. My sincere thanks to all the teachers and staff who have untiringly worked so hard to give us this beautiful learning and experience”

– Devika Nagarkar

Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra continues to offer online Yoga M courses, KausalaM Yoga – an intermediate level Yoga M course. The next Teacher’s training course will follow an exciting new format. For more details visit the official Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra page.

About The Satsang Foundation

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