Upcoming Residential Yoga Courses | April – May 2022 | AbhayaM & Avistaran

Upcoming Residential Yoga Courses

The AbhayaM & Avistaran Yoga Courses from Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra which had been postponed have now been rescheduled for April-May 2022. Please find the details below.

AbhayaM – Yoga retreat for the Elderly

AbhayaM is a 14-day residential Yoga course / retreat dedicated for the elderly, designed under the direct guidance of Sri M.

If you think, you are too old to learn Yoga, then think again. Even if you have suffered from injuries, chronic pain, or other physical problems. Give Yoga a chance, give yourself a chance. By the end of the retreat the participants will be ready to come out of their cocoon and breakthrough their mental and physical limitations. For those interested, this could also be a great opportunity to explore and develop the spiritual aspect of life and learn to embrace the enhancing years without any fear.

Upcoming Course Date: 3-17 April 2022

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Avistaran Yoga

A 9-day Yoga retreat for Corporate Professionals.

This retreat is for people with desk jobs, sedentary lifestyles or jobs with a high stress factor. For people who have early life health issues resulting from their lifestyles or jobs. In this retreat the participants will be introduced to practical tools, Yoga asanas and meditation techniques that are meant to improve posture, spinal strength and flexibility, focus and most importantly reduce mental stress.

Upcoming Course Date: 30 April-8 May 2022

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Please email us at bharatyoga@satsang-foundation.org if you have any queries.

– Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra

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