Yoga Asanas for your Well being

Yoga sequence and practice given by Sri M

This is a short video of simple Asanas and Pranayama, which, if you practice daily for some time, your body becomes healthy. Because your body becomes healthy, your resistance to other infections and diseases may also improve. It’s not a cure for something but if you practice for some time there is a less chance of getting infected or getting sick like your liver functions, your kidney functions and the rest of the body will remain fit so that you that can’t be suddenly downed by anything.

If the body is healthy, the mind also can be brought to some level of health. It is ideal if you start the yoga practice when you are very young. So not as a therapy for something that happens now but as a long-term benefit for the body so that it remains fit and it is proof against most problems. It will also help you from popping too many tablets later on in life.

– Sri M


There are two parts to this video. The first half is a sequence of all asanas suggested by Sri M. Second half is a sequence of simple asanas which can be practiced by those who find it difficult to do all the asanas demonstrated in the first half of the video. As mentioned by Sri M, it is important to note that all these are preventive practices and not therapeutic.

Who can practice these?

For those who have been practicing Yogasanas, these can be taken as add-on practices. For those who are new to Yoga, it is recommended that they take guidance from a Yoga Teacher before practicing these. If interested, they can also enrol in the Yoga M course, a 10-day online basic course which is offered by Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra.

● Asanas should be practiced either on an empty stomach or with a minimum 3 hours of gap after a meal.
● Some asanas which are demonstrated with one leg are to be repeated with the other leg also. For example – Vrikshasana, Gomukhasana, Janusirshasana etc. The demonstration focusses just on the right leg. The practice is to be repeated with the left leg also. This applies to side bending, leg raising asanas or any asana which is practiced in a similar way.
● It is not mandatory to stay in the final posture before releasing from each asana. If one chooses to do so, please ensure that the breathing is normal while staying in the final posture. Do not attempt to stay in the pose for more than 30 – 60 seconds.
● Pranayama – For beginners, it is suggested to practice the techniques as demonstrated without holding the breath.
● ‘Bhramari’ Pranayama is suggested as a very effective, preventive practice to boost immunity.
● Those having any kind of health issues or have gone through surgeries recently, please avoid these practices.

The video was shot in the Yogashala at Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra , Madanapalle. Asana’s demonstrated by the students of the Yoga TTC.


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