Yoga Shala Inauguration on 11th Dec 2020

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The much-awaited inauguration of the Yogashala at the Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra premises at Madanapalle took place on 11th Dec 2020. The Yogashala has a small temple for Sage Patanjali. Sri M consecrated the main deity and the other idols with a simple ritual. This was followed by a short talk addressing the small gathering.

Sri M spoke about his vision behind setting up the Yoga Shala and the role of Yoga trainers in fulfilling the vision. He spoke about the importance of spreading knowledge of traditional yoga across the world. He also reiterated that the aim of every Yoga program being conducted at the Yoga Shala is to ensure that this message is shared with each participant. He introduced us to his latest book ‘Yoga also for the Godless’ and read out certain portions of the book.

Yoga M Foundation TTT

As part of the inauguration, the first ‘Train the Trainer’ (TTT) program was held from 11th Dec to 13th Dec 2020. The objective of this program was to train the trainers in the Yoga M Foundation course.

‘Yoga M Foundation’ course is a combination of the Yoga M course and the syllabus as suggested by AYUSH ministry for a participant to be recognized as ‘Yoga Volunteer’. The Yoga M was conceived by Sri M for the daily practice of any spiritual aspirant. It comprises 25 simple yoga routines to help the aspirant in their inward journey by bringing in a greater sense of self-awareness, improved health, gratitude, and discipline.

A small group of 6 trainers went through the 2.5 day training at the Yogashala with Ms. Chitra Ganesh conducting the training.

The calendar of events for Yoga offerings from Bharat Yoga Vidya Kendra will be published very soon on our website as well as our digital media. Please watch out for the announcements.

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