MyTree Project | Hyderabad | 3rd September 2016

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The Satsang Foundation volunteers in Hyderabad partnered with the Centenary High School in Secunderabad on 3rd September 2016 for planting of saplings, as part of the MyTree project, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day celebrations held in the school.

The Centenary High School was founded in the year 1963, by Mahbub College in Hyderabad to commemorate their centenary year and it was the first English medium government aided co-education school in the twin cities. It schools around 250 children, many of whom are underprivileged and hail from nearby slum areas. Many of the children are first generation learners in their families and one of the major challenges that the school faces is to get these children to attend classes and not drop out.

The MyTree initiative by Sri M seeks to fulfill Manav Ekta Mission’s aim of promoting sustainable living by encouraging planting of trees. MyTree is inspired by the Sanskrit word – Maitri – meaning amity. This initiative promotes Manav Ekta (oneness of humanity) by encouraging an individual/community-led partnership to plant trees—a human alliance that ensures a sustainable relationship with nature.

About 30 trees were planted in the school grounds – the number had to be restricted due to limited availability of space. The saplings planted included those of Neem, Peepal, Tamarind, Teak, Peltoform, Kadamba, Legistonia, Pogoda, Jambul (Jamun) among others.

The students, teachers and principal of the school heartily participated in the tree planting. The principal identified a few students who would take the responsibility of watering the saplings and taking care of them. The Satsang volunteers shall monitor their growth by visiting the school fortnightly and making arrangements for any further care if required.

After the tree planting was completed, the children gathered for an interactive story telling session with a fellow Satsangi – the aim of the session was to help them understand the need of living in harmony with nature, the importance of planting trees and protecting flora and fauna and thereby moving towards a sustainable relationship with nature. Before concluding the session, fruits were distributed to all the school children and staff.

Having concluded the tree planting at the Centenary High School, Manav Ekta Mission-Hyderabad is now working towards identifying more schools in which the MyTree project can be implemented in the near future.

About The Satsang Foundation

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